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photo David Rodriguez 

Joachim Badenhorst started playing clarinet as a kid. Playing classical music throughout his childhood, he joined local rock and klezmer bands as a teenager and discovered jazz and improvised music. After his studies at the Conservatory of The Hague he joined the Han Bennink Trio, with whom he recorded 3 albums and toured Europe.

He moved to New York (2009-2012) where he played in Baloni, Thomas Heberer's Clarino, Tony Malaby's Novela and Kris Davis' Infrasound groups a.o.

He founded his own record label Klein in 2013 on which he released a number of albums with homemade DIY packaging/artwork.

He co-founded Mógil, a project based in Iceland, and the international ensemble Carate Urio Orchestra, with whom he started using his voice, singing (or mumbling) . Carate Urio Orchestra recorded five albums and toured Europe and the USA. 

New projects are Youran and the electronic pop project Zero Years Kid where he mumbles some more, in his native Flemish tongue.

Joachim gradually started performing solo, made four solo albums and played solo performances throughout Europe, US, China, South Africa, Japan.

He recorded more than 50 albums on multiple International labels and became a leader artist on the German Winter&Winter label.

Joachim composes music for film, theatre, performance and podcast.

Film music

'A life in a day' - Rinus Van de Velde. 2023

'Unreal Estate' - Ksenia Galiaeva. 2023

'Enkel tijd' - Victor Smet (short). 2023

'La Ruta natural' - Rinus Van de Velde. 2022

'The villagers' - Rinus Van de Velde. 2021

'Dansen voor geleende ogen' - Rolf Mulder. 2018

'His field' - Bie Michels. 2015

'L'homme qui marche' - Nikolaas Demoen. 2015


music by Joachim Badenhorst

'YAR' Carlijne Hertog. 2022

'De laatste nerts' - Joyce De Badts. 2021


music by Joachim Badenhorst

FC Bergman : Werken en Dagen - coming up - September 2024

with Steve Salembier : UMWELT (Muziek Lod 2022/2023)

with Myrthe Van der Mark:

at this height, but not yet in its fullness (10N)
Performance and room-sized installation

Not to be confused with magnesium
Performance and Sculpture, video 

Myrthe van der Mark; Joachim Badenhorst

Now she turns her head to the right but that means nothing
Performance and video

with Ellen Schroven: BERG (2022, 2023)

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