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Badenhorst is active in a wide variety of bands both as a leader and as a sideman.

This page highlights his projects as a leader.

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Zero Years Kid

What started in 2018 as an alter ego to explore new musical terrain (pop, hip-hop, R&B), has slowly over the years evolved into an organic live-band and a new album.

Zero Years Kid has performed in Belgium (Middelheim jazz fest, Nona, Het Bos) , Holland (Brakke Grond, Bimhuis), Italy (Alto Adige Festival), Poland (Juwenalia PW) and Japan (Forest-Limit, Tokyo).


Debut album 'Ongerijmde rijmen' was released in 2019 by the Irish electronic label Eotrax.


The new album 'Geen Grenzen' is about to be released on Klein on 10 November 2013.



Carate Urio Orchestra

In 2012 Badenhorst created a 'large' ensemble, merging many of his smaller units (such as Rawfishboys, Red Rocket, Os Meus Shorts) into a larger ensemble.

With the ensemble, Badenhorst explored the boundaries between jazz&improvised music with elements like Post-Rock, Singer-Singwriter, Noise and ambient.

C.U.O. toured throughout Europe and the U.S.

Concert highlights include Jazz Middelheim, Ghent Jazz Fest, Bimhuis (NL), Taktlos Festival (CH), Ljubljana Jazz  (SL), Festival, Le Poisson Rouge (NY), Alto Adige Festival (IT).


Sparrow Mountain -2013 

Lover - 2016

Ljubljana - 2016

Garlic& Jazz - 2017

Cosmos - 2022



In his solo concerts and albums, Badenhorst investigates the borders between solo reed improvisations and compositions, often working with site specific acoustics and performances.

Solo concerts have included Molde Jazz Festival (Norway), Meteo Mulhouse (France), Taktlos festival (Switzerland), Brussels Jazz Festival, Solo tours in China and Japan.

Solo albums:

The Jungle He Told me - 2012

Forest//Mori - 2014

Kitakata - 2016

Kyoto - 2020

New solo album scheduled on Winter&Winter in March 2024


Badenhorst was comissioned by North Sea Around Town, Rotterdam, to curate the opening concert of the 2023 Festival.

He assembled six musicians from around Europe and composed music for a two hour performance.


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MOGIL is based in Iceland.

Badenhorst composes the majority of the songs that are rooted in Icelandic folk tales, classical and experimental.

Numerous tours in Iceland and Benelux since 2008.


Ro - 2008

Í stillunni hljómar - 2011

Korriró - 2015

Adventa - 2019

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